From: Anonymouse on

> Good reason not to visit Xrazdiak, yes?

especially since it seems to not exist.

>> if you can bring in a decent sized automatic knife the shock value alone
>> will deter most muggers that aren't armed with a gun.

most muggings are of the strong arm variety, some with knives, some with
guns... if you've got a gun on you give them the money.

> And those that are will shoot you dead.

actually not usually... the most common criminal handguns are cheaply
made (unreliable) and very small caliber (.22/.25/.32)

heavier weapons are usually reserved for home invasions.

>> btw... I happen to live in the most dangerous city in the US.
>> ttyl
> That's in Oregon, right?

year to year it's a tossup between Detroit, Wash. DC, and Memphis.

From: Carol Eskra on
Thanks for the laugh jfeng!