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> Gone from 1 to 124, eh?

It makes him filter proof doesn't it? No it 'kin doesn't.

> That's progress? Now off with you, go play in Martin's nest.

Martin only sees the vomit of gRunge when somebody quotes him. Even then
he avert his eyes and crosses to the other side of the road to avoid the

> Ari
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>>> On Sun, 25 Jul 2010 09:19:03 -0700, John Sisker wrote:
>>>> I started this original post, which did produce some interesting and
>>>> good suggestions from Americans. Most of these were quite
>>>> beneficial, and does give one food for thought. Of course, there
>>>> will always be a few Europeans who have the mistaken belief that
>>>> this will never happen to them; they are just too aware and always
>>>> have everything under control. This mindset kind of reminds me of
>>>> those in England who believe that they alone can also text and/or
>>>> talk on the cell phone while driving, for it doesn't affect their
>>>> concentration or reaction time at all. NOT! They're not stupid
>>>> Royals!
>>>> The threads from many simply taught us, to not only be as cautious
>>>> as we possibly could, but to also be a practical as conditions
>>>> warrant it, just in case we are ripped off anyway overseas. It is
>>>> foolish to think it could never happen, there are just too many
>>>> variables, and after all, many of these are Europeans are
>>>> professional thief's. So the idea is to being as little as possible
>>>> with us for each excursion, and pay extra attention to how and
>>>> where we carry it around those hairy Europeans.. That way if we are
>>>> ripped off by them for whatever reason, it won't ruin our entire
>>>> vacation for Americans.
>>>> John Sisker
>>> That's /my/ John!
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