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Following up to Martin <me(a)> :

>On Fri, 22 Sep 2006 08:38:02 +0200, Tim C. <tim.challenger(a)>
>>Following up to Martin <me(a)> :
>>>>>I'm interested in how Lidl get sour dough bread into their flour.
>>>>I don't think you *really* want to know what supermarkets do to their food.
>>>Oh yes I *really* do!
>>Oh no you don't !
>A bit early for panto, isn't it?

You've got to start booking tickets now or the good seats will be sold out.
Tim C.
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On Wed, 20 Sep 2006 20:50:06 +0100, "Miss L. Toe"
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>> As for restaurants, the ones that give you bread here tend to be similar
>> in quality to what I'm used to in Europe- that is "OK" but not as good
>> as what you can get if you look around. I was at a tapas place a while
>> back which had excellent bread- next time I was there it was quite
>> plain! :(
>You should try the foccicia at carluccios. Yummy.
We love the bread sticks at Olive Garden.

Cathy L
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Cathy L <bill.lederer(a)> wrote:

>We love the bread sticks at Olive Garden.
Bread sticks are an abomination.

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Hello, Padraig!
You wrote on Fri, 22 Sep 2006 21:20:30 +0100:

??>> We love the bread sticks at Olive Garden.
PB> Bread sticks are an abomination.

That definitely calls for an IMHO! I don't like the Olive Garden
all that much but bread sticks are not bad, IMHO!

James Silverton
Potomac, Maryland

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Giovanni Drogo <drogo(a)rn.bastiani.ta.invalid> wrote:

> Bread is (or was in the peasant culture of the past) a very important
> part of the meal. Real italians cannot eat a "second course' (meat or
> fish) without bread. I remember my uncles, who were masons, once went to
> Switzerland for a work. They brought salame with them, but hoped to buy
> bread there. They did not find any, and so did not eat anything.

After a pasta dish, they eat bread with the meat?

Atkins not translated into Italian?