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Looks like that is the show my friend and I will end up attending in Oct. Anyone care to give an honest review and are tickets available at Tickets Tonight locations? Donnie and Marie was my "guests first choice but it looks like their engagement ends on 9/30. Cher was next but I'm not crazy about her and 15... 31 Jul 2010 20:34
Don't look under the TARP
Someone should should look under the TARP Congress won't. Obama sure won't. Democrat Chris Dodd doesn't want anyone to. Examiner Editorial July 22, 2010 Neil Barofsky, special inspector general of TARP, criticized the Treasury Department for its lack of transparency and accountability in the federal bank bai... 30 Jul 2010 01:05
"When talking with a liberal, simply use facts. Liberals are so scared of the truth, they will attempt to avoid the discussion altogether, or will resort to name calling in an attempt to discredit you." Sound like any of the people on the A.V.L-V? ... 1 Aug 2010 19:13
Bachelor Party Ideas
I'm looking for ideas for a bachelor party. Groom and buds are 26 yo. Seven or eight guys in the party. They will play the tables some, they get bored with slots. They think the Spearmint Rhino is a good choice, Rick's as a backup. Is there a better, sexier instituion of that type? How about a hot club that th... 1 Aug 2010 09:26
ronson, gary, don, et. al, what would happen?
If someone moved to Henderson, and then the local Filipino-American Association got a copy of their post to the net about"filipenis", what could happen? If someone bought a house in Henderson and the local NAACP or BPP got a copy of their posts to usenet insulting the chief executive, what could happen? If LULAC o... 5 Aug 2010 02:42
Facebook, how save "WAS" it??
We all use computers and email as well as a lot of what comes with it. One hundred million (100,000,000) Facebook accounts were compromised. If you use Facebook, as so many of us do, reset your information so that as little to nothing is released. Here is a link that is really interesting. http://www.msn... 30 Jul 2010 01:05
Leppla Is The Babe Reincarnated
On Thu, 29 Jul 2010 00:34:34 -0700 (PDT), Ronald Emerson wrote: MLB has decieded to start the season April 1 next year to avoid having any World Series games played in November. This is a foolish thing to do because in Northern citys the fisrt of April can be just as cold as the first of November and all ... 29 Jul 2010 18:32
Ruffin on the current state of Vegas ... 30 Jul 2010 21:53
Tea Party Screws Up Another State
For the Republicans, that is. Right wing extremist kook Tom Tancredo is running on a 3rd party ticket for Governor, and not only is he helping the Dem candidate by splitting the right wing kook vote, he may be helping Dem candidates for Congress in that state too. 28 Jul 2010 21:48
Vegas Trip Notes
Thanks for the great report, Rob. I forfeited my coupon last year, but it's good to know that it worked so well for a solo diner. Glad you enjoyed M - it's great they decided to do the breakfast buffet again - especially for $9.99. And the South Point rooms are perfectly fine, but way less fantas... 29 Jul 2010 18:32
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