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the dog - a parable
Imagine that your neighbor has an elderly dog. As it's gotten older, it's sight and hearing have become impaired. With the decrease in it's senses, it's irritability has increased. Where it once upon a time barked at strangers, it now barks at anyone who comes nearby and has been known to bite. The dog has to go... 3 Aug 2010 18:05
Freeware, possibly useful...
I found these, they are free, and look pretty good. Check them out for yourself and do as you see best fit. Greenshot Revolutionary screenshot tool optimized for productivity. Save a screenshot or a part of the screen to a file within a second. Apply text and s... 31 Jul 2010 22:45
My New News Reader
My new machine has Win7 and thus no more Outlook Express. It does have Windows Live, and it turns out to be very similar and easy to use. Anyone else using it? -- JK Sinrod ... 2 Aug 2010 01:43
Ace Bus Service
Hay all Just wondering if anyone has used the new ACE Bus Service in Las Vegas. I have a cheap rental car booked with Payless knowing that I can cancel it if need be. I like having the car to get some off strip locations, but it is mostly parked for hours at a time in a casino's parking garage, so I really do... 4 Aug 2010 19:07
Lady Luck Grand Reopening!
As I understand it, the Lady Luck hotel & casino is slated to reopen sometime this fall. The original remolding project was delayed over a power struggle between two prominent Vegas families vying for dominance in the downtown area. Just like something out of the Godfather. The hotel ironically enough will have Chi... 2 Aug 2010 04:56
Poll: Reid losing by 19%
Yikes ... 1 Aug 2010 21:25
what happened to a racist in vegas
i think i remember reading what happened to a new resident racist that posted to the net his racist garbage on a frequent basis... at first nothing happened for about 6 months and the racist thought he was in the clear...then the letters were delivered to his neighbors and various groups...a group of four members o... 1 Aug 2010 01:57
"Recovery Summer" is the new "Mission Accomplished"
Sambo will be down to 39% by November 2. I'm putting the House Of Representatives over/under at 53. 2 Aug 2010 10:22
I see some folks into politics: Charlie Rangel
Texas Democratic Rep. Gene Green, the chair of the subcommittee investigating ethics charges against New York Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel, told CBS News Capitol Hill Producer Jill Jackson and other reporters Friday that the subcommittee is recommending that Rangel be reprimanded by the full House. Reprima... 30 Jul 2010 15:17
Can someone local please post the address of JP's new HoA? I got a package I want to send them. ... 30 Jul 2010 21:53
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