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John Rennie wrote:
> SPierce wrote:
>> "John Rennie" <john-rennie(a)> wrote in message
>> news:FfednRhc1-RX2YjRnZ2dnUVZ8hydnZ2d(a)
>>> Bert Hyman wrote:
>>>> Arizonans are running around with machetes chopping up Mexican
>>>> immigrants? Really?
>>> They have the same attitude to another tribe as do
>>> one African tribe can have with another. America
>>> is no way is an example to the rest of the world
>> # America is an example of what happens when leaders do not do their
>> duty to the people they are supposed to protect...their borders. A
>> basic fundamental obligation.
> You mean the Mexicans should have done a better job of protecting
> their borders?
They probably could've done better if they'd not had Santa Anna. But
it's important to note that we are talking about a time when borders
were ill-defined.
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