From: Brian K on
Gadget World conferred with the ghost of Faye Wray and said On 6/6/2010
10:31 PM:
> Brian
> I know you are confused!
> The last hundred was spent on dinner, breakfast and the ferry to
> Cosumel.
I was diplomatic, your post was confusing. You can't take a taxi to
Cozumel, unless you omitted the word water in front of the word taxi. I
know there is a ferry from Playa, but it's a passenger ferry. Hence,
you can't take a taxi to Cozumel. I'm still curious to learn the
whereabouts of "Cosumel". Is it perhaps a peninsula offshoot from the
Yucatan Peninsula of which I wasn't aware. If that's the case then I
guess you can take a taxi to "Cosumel" and then take a ferry to
*Cozumel*. <Insert Dry Humor Icons>

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