From: John Sisker on
To Whom It May Concern:

We received this information and/or press releases from the
trades/ASTA/SmartBrief/ and thought it may be of interest to this
newsgroup as well.

Smooth sailing to all...
John Sisker

"When a new ship from a large North American cruise line is launched, it
will usually have its home port located somewhere in Florida for its first
year of operation. That will not be the case for the 3,700-passenger
Carnival Magic when it arrives next year."

* SmartBrief
* Canwest News Service
* By Phil Reimer
* July 13, 2010

From: Dillon Pyron on
Actually, to correct both of you, the number of ships isn't
increasing, it's staying the same. It's just that the ships will be
larger. Much larger.

More PAX, same number of ships.

- dillon I am not invalid

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