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Morrow got the money from his pension, coud reconnect to the Web and buy his
booze !!
Xmas time !

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> Sambo the Abo wrote:
>> A Tasmanian goes to buy a condom at a nearby chemist.
>> The lady behind the counter gives a choice of three types. German,
>> French, and Tasmanian.
>> "What's the difference," he asks?
>> "Well, the Germans are quite active. They have 7 in the pack. One for
>> Monday, one for Tuesday, and so on." "The French are very passionate
>> people. They have 8. One for Monday, and so on, and 2 on Sundays." "The
>> Tasmanians, well, they have 12."
>> At this, the Tasmanian swells up with pride, Really 12?
>> "Yes, 12. One for January, one for February...."
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