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[posted to for "auld lange synge"...she was a "regular on
that group back in the "day"...]

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> > Is this poster also known as Sheryl Rosen or does that spelling of the
> > name just attract kooks?
> This is Sheryl Mexic. She is in the travel business and so are we. She
> is a personable, statuesque woman who is at least 6' tall. She strikes
> me as a strong, powerful woman and some people are intimidated by that.

Which I guess is why there is a FIVE year - long thread about her and her
shady business "practices" on the Flyertalk site, eh? :

Here's another long thread about her, entitled "Sheryl Announces Her Return
to Bidding For Travel":

Coupla comments in the thread:

- "Should I phone up Connie Wong at Miyako and have some Sushi delivered?? .."

- "Maybe Sheryl has been reading How to Win Friends and Influence People by
Dale Carnegie during her time off..."

I- " remember having run ins with Sheryl back in the mid 1990s all the way
through 98 or 99 on the ole usenet group.

She was a b**** then I am sure without a doubt, a b**** now..."

> Sheryl introduced me to sushi about 13 years ago at Cafe Japon in
> Houston.

Did she make you pay the extra buck to have the sushi roll cut into eight
pieces instead of six so's she could stick into her mouth...???

>She founded BillingForTravel.

Here's a better travel bidding site. It's run by nice, caring folks who
don't have a list of posting "rules" that runs LONGER than the US
Constitution WITH all the amendments:

Interestingly, when _Consumer Reports_ several years back ran an article on
travel bidding sites Better Bidding was mentioned, Sheryl Mexic's Bidding
For Travel site was IIRC *not* mentioned. Kinda "odd" - or maybe they saw
through Miss Mexic's disengenuous tomfoolery.

> Here is a photo of Sheryl:
> They mention Sheryl in this article:

When I saw this I thought, "Fat white women shouldn't wear sleeveless
ensembles on television..."

> For reasons unknown, there are a few of people who enjoy chatting about
> Sheryl.

The reasons are not "unknown", it's just that she's a bi - polar be - yotch
with an extreme case of Narcisstic Personality Disorder. And the *fact*
that she's been caught telling lies and engaging in shady businesses
"practices" is simply lagniappe...

You might say that such a person sets themselves up as a "Perfect Storm" for
online "controversy"...

Or you might simply call her the "Soup Nazi" of online travel bidding