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We just spent 4 days/nights in Naples, and found it most worthwile.

My wife and I (both 70+, only summary knowledge of Italian) stayed in
a very nice bed & breakfast in the Centro Storico, right in the middle
of things. We found the neighbourhood colourful, lively and animated,
noisy, but nothing scary about it. People generally helpful and nice.

We did visit the two major museums, the Archeological Museum and the
Capodimonte Pictures Gallery, and several cloisters and churches (Sta.
Chiara, S. Lorenzo, the Duomo etc.) We also visited the Paestum Greek
temples from Naples, using the Circumvesuviana railway.

Only negative points about Naples: the crazy traffic (don't take a
car) and the lack of green spaces; no parks etc. in the center.

Still, in our opinion definitely worthwile!


On Mon, 21 Sep 2009 21:27:05 -0700, Walt Bilofsky
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>We have five nights / four days to spend in the Naples / Amalfi Coast
>area before boarding a ship in Sorrento. In the past we've been to
>Pompei, and to Amalfi twice on day trips.
>We were planning to just skip Naples, but Frommer's guide raves about
>how the historic center has been cleaned up, and the crime situation
>greatly improved.
>1) Is Naples now a good walking-around city? Worth a couple of days?
>2) Where should we spend two or three nights on the Amalfi Coast -
>Amalfi (where we've already been), Sorrento (where we'll walk around
>anyway our last day), or someplace else?