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Tom K plucked Senior Frog's Magic Twanger and said On 2/19/2010 7:58 AM:
> On 2/19/10 6:36 AM, STAR wrote:
>> On Feb 18, 4:41 pm, Tom K<tkani...(a)> wrote:
>>> On 2/18/10 1:51 PM, STAR wrote:
>>>> I might be considering a Southern Caribbean cruise in the spring and
>>>> have usually departed from FLA or San Juan. Are there any reasons
>>>> (except that it would extend the journey) not to leave from NY. We
>>>> live on LI....thanks, Gail
>>> The first obvious disadvantage is that you have to spend more money
>>> since it's a longer cruise. But the advantage is that it's a longer
>>> cruise.
>>> The second big disadvantage is that it takes you 2 days each way
>>> (instead of 4 hours)to get to where the really hot weather is located
>>> (in the Caribbean).. but then you get there without having to fly...
>>> and
>>> they feed you a lot better on the ship than on the plane.
>>> In April, the biggest downside could be weather. If the ocean is
>>> rough,
>>> and you aren't crazy about rough seas, it could be a long 2 days
>>> heading
>>> down or heading back.
>>> Other than that, I say go for it.
>>> --Tom
>> Being in Suffolk County on Long Island I go into NYC quite often. I'm
>> just about a one hr 15 min train ride into the City and also sometimes
>> drive in. We would probably be leaving from Nassau County which is
>> another half hr closer to NYC meaning we would just get a ride into
>> the City. My only real concern is the possibility of the "rough
>> seas". NOT a fan of this potential problem. Time/money is not a
>> factor for the length of the trip, for me it's just wanting a smooth
>> ride as much as one can expect. My travel partner (potential travel
>> partner) seems adament on leaving out of NYC. This might be a deal
>> breaker !
> Bring some Bonine just in case.
> --Tom
and some Retsina or Cashasa. The former is a high alcohol volume Greek
wine, the latter is a Brazilian concoction distilled from every part of
sugar cane the alcoholic equivalent of a Slurpee Brain Freeze . It's
not aged like rum. The buzz from either will make you forget about
being seasick to the point that you don't get sick. You may forget your
name and be found enjoying the cruise more than everyone else who is
seasick beyond belief. The downside is the killer hangover after you get
back from your cruise. ;-)

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