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I'm having a high school reunion in Monterey California Nov 2011. My
wife and I love Monterey area. We're planning either to drive from
Houston or fly and rent car monterey. Our main question is whether to
rent a house in Pacific Grove or Monterey or just stay at a hotel. does
anyone know of rental properties in Pacific Grove, Monterey, Carmel, or
would a middle priced hotel be more advantageous? We'll stay two weeks
or more. My main love of any area is Monterey. My good friends there
want Patsy and I to stay as long as possible. Patsy loves to cook. It
would be more economical to cook some times and then to eat out at
places like Sardine Factory or Fisherman's Wharf. Has anyone rented
before? Is rental properties more beneficial with no hidden problems or
should a hotel be preferred?Driving is no problem. We love to drive and
would enjoy the trip.
Thank You

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