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Thanks all!

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Another story illustrates the attitude of the employees (and in this
case, his cultural background as well)

One night, we headed to the Avenue Saloon - and I found myself talking
to Bjorn, Crystal's head of IT. He had just gotten final approval on
their program to replace the existing hp machines with iMacs (using
Bootcamp) so passengers can have the choice of a Mac environment or a
no-compromises Windows 7 experience.

Being typically Swedish, he was berating himself for the fact that it
took longer to get it planned and approved than he had wished. (Never
ask a Swede to praise himself) Rather than celebrating the successful
approval of an innovative program, he considered himself 6 months
late. I replied that surely he should be celebrating since no other
line had done what Crystal has announced. he was ahead of everyone

He replied that I didn't understand. They don't judge themselves in
relation to other lines, but in regard to how well they meet passenger
needs and expectations. (...and he was dismayed that it took too long
between when the need was identified and its solution).

Both this response, and the reply from the F&B manager that he the
staff works WITH him, not for him could sound insufferably like BBBSBS
(business book best seller BS) in other contexts - but the attitude
that permeated the ship was evidence that these ideas are truly taken
to heart.

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Great job! Awesome read!