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( - Travel writer Doug Lansky sees a disconnect between the
articles he reads about exotic destinations and the stories he and
fellow writers trade over beers at the bar.

Glossy tales of lying on the beach drinking coconut milk make it
into the magazines, he tells NPR's Liane Hansen, but privately,
travel writers like to swap war stories: "juicy nuggets of when you
were trapped on this island and the ferry stopped working, or [the]
toilet from hell."

So Lansky decided to change that. In "The Titanic Awards" (Amazon: ), he delivers a lighthearted shot across
the bow of the travel industry, celebrating the biggest
underachievers and funniest failures in travel.

Lansky compiled his "winners" by scouring news stories of lost
luggage, GPS directions that led drivers astray and tacky hotel
promotions. He also surveyed travelers' opinions to hand specific
chains and airlines Titanic Awards...