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The Mangroves of Nabaq Park
Sinai national parks, enjoy our full day trip to Nabq, Drive by Land
Cruiser vehicle to the Managed Resource Protected Area of Nabaq, see
bedouins, get your bedouin lunch, snorkel the red sea and more for
your pleasure..
Drive by Land Cruiser vehicle to the Managed Resource Protected Area
of Nabaq,our tour stats with picking you up from the hotel till Wadi
Mander which considered to be one of the most beautiful sites in Sinai
desert, you will be able to come close to the real Bedouin life and
their villages, watch fascination of the desert nature. From Wadi
Mander we reach Nabaq With an area of over 600 kilometers square, it
contains 134 plant species, 6 of them are found only in Nabq, and 86
are perennial. All desert areas are therefore fragile. The area
contains of the largest single stands of Arak bushes (Salvadorea
persica) in the Middle East.
The mangrove stand at Nabq fronts the shoreline at the mouth of Wadi
Kid. The location and density of trees suggest that there is
infiltration of fresh water, reducing the salinity to levels tolerated
by the species. Mangroves have adapted to their saline environment.
Their root systems, seen as leafless branches sprouting from the
ground around each tree, act as a barrier, keeping out most of the
salts from the seawater. The water with its dissolved nutrients then
nourishes the tree. Salt not removed by the roots is exuded by the
leaves and seen as salt crystals on the underside of each leaf.
Different Animals can seen in Nabaq such as Gazelle, Nubian Ibex,
Hyrax and small mammal populations inhabit the adjacent desert, and
bireds such as Heron, Spoonbill and Osprey have sustainable breeding
populations in and around the mangroves. Coral reefs in Nabq are
extremely rich. Reef profiles and therefore community structure are
different from reefs in the Ras Mohammed National Park. Visibility is
often poor as a result of fine sediments washing out of the mangrove
area, but this does not detract from the beauty and diversity of the
reefs. Excellent reefs with easy access can be seen at Shoura al
Manquata, where we can make some snorkeling.
From Nabaq we will drive till Dahab, where we will have Lunch, and
after we have a great opportunity to make some snorkeling in the
beautiful Lagoon. We will end our day with a Shooping tour in the
markets of Dahab.

* Lunch
* All soft drinks in the car
* Entrance fees
* Professional tour guide.

* Snorkeling equipments
* Towels