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>>>>> As a general rule nobody minds much about stuff for personal use.
>>>> Other than at Heathrow where somebody was fined �600 for having a small
>>>> piece of
>>>> salami in his luggage and at Hull Docks where we had a packet of bacon
>>>> confiscated.
>>> And going by the German documentaries about Customs officers, nearly every
>>> airport and international post office in the country.
>> I hope the fat burgers get heart disease from eating all that confiscated
>> meat.
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>> Martin
> A couple years ago, when going through security at Brussels airport, the
> x-ray machine found my tubes of Amora moutarde in my carry on. I had
> forgotten to put them in my checked bag. It was my mistake, not because it
> was mustard but because it was a "liquid/gel" larger than the allowed size.
> I told them to put them in the lunchroom so someone could use them. I was
> told that they were forbidden to use anything confiscated. My wife felt bad
> enough for me that when we got back to the states she ordered some from a
> site that sells French condiments in the U.S. Needless to say she paid more
> on-line than I paid in Brussels. I hope they used the confiscated mustard in
> Belgium.

The most idiotic security check I got into was when the security
wouldn't let me take a tupperware box full of Brie for my supper on the
plane (an internal flight btw).
The officer said the cheese was a "viscous fluid" and therefore could
not go as hand luggage. Apparently a lump of Gouda would have been ok.
I objected, pointing out that the week before I'd had a large jar of
olives in my hand luggage, and nobody had complained, but all to no avail.
I did think of saying that I could probably cause much more injury and
destruction with a lump of Gouda if I'd gone berserk than with a
tupperware box full of Brie, but then thought the better of it.


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> Among other things I've seen Christmas turkeys being extracted from
> the boots of hapless Brits presumably on their way to enjoy Christmas
> with their loved ones.

Quite right too.

Tim C.
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>> Just don't try it when there's a F&M scare on in the UK.
> By that stage they're past caring...

That's when they actually start checking people.
Tim C.
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I've been busted with... cuban cigars.

and my mother was busted with... a wheel of St. Nectaire cheese.

our luggage gets looked through. :-}


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at Schiphol airport (amsterdam) they sell pate' de foie gras with USDA
stamps on it specifically for the US Market.