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> In Hull the immigration and customs people are all very nice. I think they
> are
> just doing their jobs. There is none of the arrogance and rudeness some of
> the
> immigration staff in the channel ports used to and maybe still have.


But the bunch at Rotterdam are bastards...

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Martin wrote on Jan 15, 2010:

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>> It is a dockyard and all sort of people can wander about without any sort
>> of proper control. It's not like an airport with its formal 'air side'
>> and 'ground side'.
> Not quite, otherwise waiting trucks would be stuffed with illegal
> immigrants. In five years immigration have detected five arriving in Hull.

Patras is the place for that. They can enter Greece with almost no control,
and make their way to a port to get to Italy. If you're driving onto a ferry
you pass an eery kind of gauntlet where these guys are lining the route eying
the traffic, ready to grab any opportunity to sneak onto a vehicle. A bit

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