From: PJ Himselff on
Soul Searching at WaPo: Political Punditry viciously attacking each


"...In just the last few weeks, Salon Editor in Chief Joan Walsh and
CNBC contributor Howard Dean have accused Fox News of racism;
conservative crusader Andrew Breitbart has delighted in pushing a
maliciously edited video smearing Shirley Sherrod and refused to
apologize; Fox hosts have denounced mainstream organizations as Obama
lap dogs for downplaying a case involving the New Black Panther Party;
e-mails from an off-the-record discussion group showed one liberal
pundit wishing for Rush Limbaugh's death and another suggesting that
conservatives such as Fred Barnes be tarred as racist; Rolling Stone's
Michael Hastings was accused of betraying journalistic ethics with the
story that torpedoed Gen. Stanley McChrystal, and Hastings's critics
were ripped as lackeys of the military establishment...."

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