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Stewardess stole from sleeping air passengers

An Air France stewardess has been arrested after stealing thousands of
pounds in cash and valuables as her unsuspecting victims slept on long-haul

The 47-year-old – named only as Lucie R – targeted dozens of wealthy
Japanese business travellers flying between Paris and Tokyo in first class,
reportedly because many frequently carried large amounts of cash.

'The first complaints of theft came in January, when five passengers said
they had lost a total of €4,000 (£3,400) during a flight from the far east,'
said French police.

'Then reports of theft multiplied throughout the year – totalling incidents
of theft on 142 flights.'

The light-fingered thief also pilfered jewellery, watches and credit cards
while pretending to make passengers more comfortable. Gold and silver, a
Cartier watch and a diamond ring were all unearthed in a safe deposit box
at a bank in her home town of Rouen, northern France.

After a six-month investigation comparing staff rotas with theft
complaints, she was seized at Paris's Charles de Gaulle at 4.30am on Friday
as she got off the 12-hour flight from Tokyo.

'She has confessed to 26 separate thefts that she can remember – but
clearly there are others,' said police.

'Her bank account also reflects the fact that she was amassing far more
cash than her salary would suggest.'

Air France said it was only responsible for property in hold luggage.

They said passengers who thought they had been robbed should contact their
insurance company.

The woman faces up to ten years in jail if convicted. She's also lost her

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Good! Flying sux enough as it is.