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Aug 13, 5:22 am
On Aug 12, 2:26 am, "carole" <hubbca2...(a)> wrote:
*> Hi Jean-Paul,
*> Thanks for all your explanation, but as usual its over my head, as
are most
*> discourses on any sort of science.
*> But we won't go there. Bob continues to ridicule me relentlessly on
my lack
*> of skills in that area.
*> If bob can't put his theories into everyday-speak then he is guilty
of the
*> "arrogance of the educated", or maybe more appropriately, the
*> whichever way you want to look at it.

Please dear Carole, do not have complex over those alleged educated
imbeciles such as Bob Officer and other Universities brainswashed
rabble of that ilk. Such slobs haven't the most basic common sense
allowing them to see even one incoherence in the thousands of lunacies
peddled by their alleged sci000nce of Gagalogy... that worthless and
sterile lying & thieving individuals typical of that alleged
profession ( in fact like other types of medic, economic, psy,
religious etc vermin) do not have obligation of results like say a
carpenter, a fitter, an engineer, an architect, a farmer & all other
people needing to put things square & working; That type of
Universities mass produced parasites can pull out of its hat a dozen
theories for this, and another dozen for that .. the only thing they
produce indeed is Hogwash, due to their typical turd brains englued
into the mire they revel in : Glaciations, Column of Age on an
orbital stable Earth, that ludicrous PT aka Continental rafting
folly + another 100s alleged Geology insanities.
You have in relation to that Gagalogy Scum the advantage of a sincere
seeking mind, even though you are presently lead astray by those
Hollow Earth fools, although not at a disadvantage regarding the
present Gagalogy, indeed which is equally incoherent. Free & honest
intelligence of your nature, is served further by a freedom from the
usual path of perdition used by the Universities scurvy hord.Such
has no chance to lead to insight & understanding of the real mechanism
& process behind what we see as relief & features of the Earth.
Indeed, the so-called rational approach based on its 2 logic tools
i.e. induction & deduction, is in fact the Ouroboros of endless
speculations, as well as constant cyclic going to & return to nowhere.
Those poor sods can be noted with their constant cross indexing indeed
going into circular patterns, and remarkable by their lack of
Intellectual courage & downward inability to conceive a greater model
accounting for all, and without distinction, so-called Earth
mysteries those infantile & imbecile Gagalogists are calling so.

There is no point further arguing with such evident turds indeed,
Gagalogist turds of the Bob Officer, Skywise, Brownditch etc kind, are
upset when anyone does not bow to their insane theories & does not
praise them for their alleged sci000ntific visions. The situation
could be in fact quite amusing if it was not so grave. Indeed that
pretended informed Canaille is holding control of information & not
anticipating nor preparing Humanity for what is in stock, and at our
door indeed.

With kindest regards to you, and again my congratulations on being
such a marvelous creature gifted with all talents & superior awareness

Jean-Paul Turcaud
Founder of the True Geology

PS Have you read my last & final letter sent to that corrupt little
West Australia Premier Barnett ? This was written replying to his 4
malicious letters to me, insisting that I should accept the fabricated
history of both his Government and its infamous Western Australia
Geological Survey. Of course I rejected the suggestion out of hand
and flew back his rags to his Antipodean poked-marked convict's
face. If not, do you want me to post it here in all confidence ?
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