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Where can you find some of the hottest Spa's and Art around? Yep...
your local airport! We like to keep a positive attitude... if you
can't fight it... find something fun to do instead! With flight delays
at an alarmingly high rate, it is about time that airports gave us
something decent to do with all those extra minutes. Have you always
wanted to take that $300 voucher and the later flight but had no idea
what you would do with all that extra time? Problem solved...
The Spa:
Didn't have time for that bikini wax before the big trip? Feeling
stressed out after two days of meetings? Well the spa is just a
concourse away. Thankfully the wonderful people at XpresSpa are
waiting to help. They offer foot, neck, back, hand, and full body
massages, as well as waxing, facials, manicures and pedicures... so
basically everything a girl looks for in a first class spa! XpresSpa
is not at every airport but here is the list for you lucky ones...
Boston Logan, Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit Metropolitan, Hartsfield-
Jackson Atlanta, Houston Intercontinental, Lambert-St. Louis, Las
Vegas McCarran, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York JFK, New York
LaGuardia, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Raleigh-Durham, and San
The Art:
Apparently art is no longer confined to the walls of a museum. If you
have some spare time, check out these fascinating collections.
Chilling in Chicago? Midway International Airport has a permanent
interactive art exhibit on The Battle of Midway that commemorates the
WWII heroes as well as some historical photographs.
If you are stuck at Chicago O'Hare... been there done that... don't
miss the funky underground computer animated reflective ceiling of
neon tubing located at the United Airlines Terminal.
Stuck in San Francisco? You are in luck... they have a unique area
called "Gateway to the Pacific" that is dedicated to commercial
aviation. Here you can go back in time... no not to change your flight
or airline... but to experience what a passenger waiting room would
have looked like in 1937... very cool.
Delayed in Dallas? No worries... Dallas Fort Worth has a multimillion
dollar public art program that is displayed at International Terminal
D and the skylink train stations. Don't miss out on over 30 works of
time wasting art... not that it isn't worth a look even if you aren't
Missing your flight in Miami? Yeah... that gives you time to discover
the photographic exhibit "gifts from the Sea" by Iran Issa Khan. To
view this beautiful collection of shell photos, access the moving
skywalk on the third level between D and F.
Losing it in Las Vegas? Located on level 2 at the Las Vegas airport
you will find the Aviation Museum. You can view the 30 displays and
watch a short video presentation about the history of local aviation.

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