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> I guess the problem that you are addressing is that there is no
> discussion here about travel, which requires that the people who
> actually travel around Europe discuss it. I suppose I am guilty because
> in the last 6 weeks I've been to Valencia, London, Bamberg and
> Nuremberg, but I never felt the need to discuss the fact.

Same here. There's nothing really notable about the fact that I went to
Germany again other than that I had a great time, added some castles to
my collection because I went places I had not been before(there are a
few left), took nearly a thousand fotos, and ate Spargel several times.
I'd forgotten because it's been a while since I was there during Spargel
season how much I love it 8-)

My spellchecker hates German words 8-) but I don't think of it as being
much like what I've called asparagus for many decades. It's so much
better! And even little green American asparagus is one of my favorite

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> On Jun 14, 3:11�pm, erilar <dra...(a)> wrote:
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> > SOME kind of travel discussion . �Want to discuss some great castles? �I
> > have some new candidates I collected during two weeks in Germany this
> > spring.
> OK, let's here about them. I'm always looking for new places to
> visit.
> George

Be afraid. Be very afraid. I'm liable to start gushing 8-)

Two I would recommend to anyone anytime.

Hotel Burg Hornberg above Neckarzimmern on the Neckar. Lovely hotel.
Fantastic food. Inside the outer wall of a great ruin that belonged to
Goetz von Berlichingen, he of the iron hand(he lost one in battle),
rebel, who lived to an impossible age and left an autobiography, hero
of Goethe's play of the same name.

My only problem was that I STARTED there.

Second one was also a Burg hotel, Burg Veldenstein just up a much
gentler hill from Neuhaus/ Pegnitz (Pegnitz is the river below). Again
the hotel is inside the outer walls and has some nice ruins. Family-run,
friendly atmosphere, good food, local if that's what you want, and
remarkably inexpensive for a castle hotel.

I found a castle or many everywhere I went except Aalen, but I went
there for Romans--the Limes museum.

I'll stop now, but note: my trip album, a combination of trip diary and
photographs, runs 79 pages not counting maps, brochures, and booklets.

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> David Horne, _the_ chancellor (*) wrote:
> > Tom P <werotizy(a)freent.dd> wrote:
> >
> >> I suppose I am guilty because
> >> in the last 6 weeks I've been to Valencia, London, Bamberg and
> >> Nuremberg, but I never felt the need to discuss the fact.
> >
> > Until now.
> >
> .. meaning that a discussion newsgroup is an oxymoron?


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> No, I've never been to the Czech Republic, but there's hundreds around
> where we llive in Stuttgart, most in ruins, so I've barely been able
> to start v�siting them although I assemble books about them.

8-) Schwaben is great hunting ground for castle hunters. I've been
there and found good hunting several times!

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after I said
> > News videos? I
> > almost never watch them. I get my moving news on TV. And if I wanted
> > to watch something like that, I'd be much more likely to use my laptop.
> Why? The ipad is lighter and more portable, and with a screen size not
> so far away from that of most laptops. If the ipad's manufacturers
> actually bothered to support flash, it would be a pretty good
> alternative to a computer for many people. I would have bought one for
> my mum, for instance.

She'd probably love it anyway 8-) No, my laptop screen is about
twice the size of the iPad and I can multitask here. I just noticed
today that it also loads youtube videos faster. Is that the flash thing?

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