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> On Jun 12, 5:47 pm, erilar <dra...(a)> wrote:
>> What happened to "travel" topics here lately?
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>> Erilar, biblioholic medievalist
> Runge will be back from Buenos Aires soon....I look forward to his
> trip report....

Posthumous hopefully.
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> In the old order world of being charged by connection time I can see that
> people might want to read offline to save connection costs, but with
> connections charged by megabytes nowadays that isn't going to make any
> difference, or am I missing something?

How about not ALWAYS being within wi-fi range?

Erilar, biblioholic medievalist
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Sterling Fellow <invalid(a)> wrote:

> i have been trying to find some, even this thread seems to be about
> ipads or something.

Sorry about that; new enthusiasm. But I started this because I wanted
SOME kind of travel discussion . Want to discuss some great castles? I
have some new candidates I collected during two weeks in Germany this

Erilar, biblioholic medievalist
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> >> Why not use your PC?
> >
> > I don't have one if you're using that term in its modern limited sense,
> > as I suppose you probably are. Nowadays it just means M$-enslaved to
> > those of us with other systems 8-) I have three sizes/generations of
> > computers and none uses that _________
> I am using Open Suse Linux 11.2 and have no problems accessing the BBC
> website and other news websites.

OK 8-) I like to sit back in an easy chair to read, which is a lot less
comfortable with my laptop in my lap than with something more like a
news magazine. Furthermore, I can read OFFline when I'm out of reach of
my home network sitting out in the yard.

Yes, this sounds odd, I know, but with reinforced concrete slab walls
and a lot of dirt surrounding and covering most of the house, the
network is only accessible indoors.

Erilar, biblioholic medievalist
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> erilar <drache(a)> wrote:
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> >
> > > The iPad is a pretty useless device for most news video content though.
> >
> > But I have this old-fashioned habit of preferring to READ my news rather
> > than watch little videos anyway 8-)
> Then you've got quite an expensive newspaper in the ipad. My gripe here
> is that apple are promoting this as having a web browser, when it's
> fundamentally broken by not supporting flash. It would drive me nuts.

What's flash for? It's apparently for something I haven't wanted to use
on the iPad. The iPad is also a whole library; I don't need flash to
download an incredible assortment of totally free books I needn't make a
20-mile round trip to the library for. Eventually the gas savings ought
to contribute a little to ameliorate the price 8-) And then there's
travel, which brings us back on topic!

Erilar, biblioholic medievalist