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On 23 juil, 13:34, shanky <shankard...(a)> wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> Thanks for all the help and suggestions. The trip was great. I had a
> wonderful time in switzerland. I did not have enough time to visit
> zermat but I was able to visit Jungfrau, Titlis and Pilatus mountains.
> Also I drove from lucerne to interlaken taking the route: lucerne-
> andermatt-airolo-ulritchen-interlaken. The drive through the st
> gothard tunnel was amazing, i have never driven through such a long
> tunnel ever before and really loved the drive.
> I bought the choclates from teuscher and hanold chocalateirs ( very
> good ones).

Glad to hear you had time for visiting
Teuscher and Honold and liked their
chocolate ..... next time try to stop
[also] at nearby Paradeplatz for Sprüngli

> I just have a couple of questions:
> 1) regarding visiting zermatt- Is it close from any city in italy?

The nearest resort ist Beuil-Cervinia
from where skiers can acces Zermatt
skiing area and also reach Zermatt
(and the way back). You might get
an idea at
choosing the respective cams and map

Otherwise no place in Italy within less
than a half day driving I could imagine
staying for a vacation. Domodossola
sure is at 100km ... but viamichelin
estimate is 2 hours (car to Täsch, train
from there to Zermatt). From Aosta
estimate is almost 3 hours ....
Sure: nearby Brig is on some main
railway link from NW-Italy to Germany
and France (Milano-Geneva-Paris or
Milano-Brig-Basle-Germany ...) so
might be just a detour for such a train

> 2) Regarding car rental: I rented one at hertz and had to shell out
> almost 350 sf( around 250$) for the one day rental. Is this the normal
> rates for rental in all of europe or is this the case only in
> switzerland?

Renting a car for a day definitely is
expensive in Switzerland and many
European countries. Depends what
type of car you had, but probably
you could have found a better price
with some other company.

> Thanks again for all the great suggestions and tips.

Any comments on Airolo - Ulrichen -
[Grimsel pass road I assume] to
Interlaken by car ?

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The car I rented was a category O Hertz ( mercedes A class) since it
was the only car available with gps in their rental location . I had
the gps navigator to help with directions so I am not exactly
remembering whether I took grimsel pass road or not to drive from
ulrichen to interlaken but after driving a few miles, we were on the
main highway(not the mountain roads) for most time.
Also regarding the choclates, I never liked dark choclates like
godiva before but the swiss choclates( still don't like the alcohol
filled truffles) I tried were very very good.

Thanks again;

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On 2007-07-25, shanky <shankardasm(a)> wrote:
> The car I rented was a category O Hertz ( mercedes A class) since it
> was the only car available with gps in their rental location .

I recently rented an E-class for a long weekend in Germany, for less than
what you paid for your A-class. So that price isn't something you'll
find everywhere in Europe.