From: Leeann Taberman on
On Sat, 3 Jul 2010 17:03:58 -0400, villa deauville wrote:

> Welcome Group,

Dear Jean:

I was waiting for your sensible reply to that idiot. It's funny that
you mentioned junior high school. That was my first impression -
Someone who never grew up from that age and is a self-hater. Why else
would anyone attack a good person like you or use Sunny's name.

If we had a resident psychiatrist on the rtc, he/she would have a full
time job with some of the posts we have had this last year.

Now if all those miserable miscreants would only leave rtc and let us
go back to our normal cruise information and banter, life would be far
better. We could use an exterminator too. One like Hitler.
From: Surfer E2468 on
We do not need a hitler,this country has it's own way of getting rid of
unwanted people,making it so the poor,and middle class will soon be
extinct,health reform,no property tax breaks,and forcing all the seniors
out of their homes,WOW what a lot of homeless people walking the street

cruise lover(~~~~~)