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>Already overbooked, and the ferries.

the Bilbao ferry site says "go away" "ring it you must".
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William Black writes:

> It's called 'the continent'.

To people on the Continent, an island is not the mainland.
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>>> Wow! I realize the U.S. (especially the state of Arizona) is decidedly
>>> insular, but you'd think something with that much international impact >
>>> would at least have been MENTIONED on Wednesday's "Nightly News"!!! We
>>> got plenty of rehashing of political issues and the state's "budget
>>> crisis", along with local crime news. Nary a WORD about Icelandic
>>> volcanoes! Interesting that the news story mentions the effects of an
>>> 1821 eruption lasting for two years - that was before jet aircraft. How
>>> might a similar situation affect worldwide air travel, now?
>> You apparently have not been watching the right newcasts...
> And you obviously do not live in Arizona! There was SOME coverage today

> on MSNBC (including an interview with a geologist), but most of what I
> could find on CNN and FOX and other cable sources were their syndicated
> talking heads with commentary on whatever they comment about. (Whatever
> happened to the cable news channels that broadcast ONLY news - "in depth",
> but NEWS, not comment?)

No, I don't reside in Arizona, but if you had watched Fox News as you say,
you would have known that they broke into their regular programming with a
news alert regarding the volcano erupting in Iceland. Shepard Smith during
his evening news hour on Fox, covers the world news quite well including
what is happening to the poor people in Mongolia. I learn much more about
what is happening in the world by listening to him than to any other news
programs. He reports the news....does not try to interpret it as if the
viewers did not have brains to understand it themselves.


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Hatunen wrote:
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>>> On Fri, 16 Apr 2010 13:54:08 +0200, Tom P <werotizy(a)freent.dd>
>>> wrote:
>>>> On the bright side, the German air traffic controllers have announced
>>>> that, in view of the disruption caused by the volcano, they have decided
>>>> to cancel the strike action that was planned for Monday.
>>>> A case of every cloud has a silver lining.
>>> So, you think it's better if they strike when air traffic has
>>> returned to normal?
>> The strike will certainly be more effective then. :)
> I suppose the desirability of this depends on how you feel about
> such strikes...

In fact if I heard the news correctly, they've just reached an
agreement, so no strike. Period.
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Mxsmanic wrote:
> Wolfgang Schwanke writes:
>> That was probably about the climatic effect. It's unlikely that
>> aviation will be affected longer than a couple of days.
> As long as there is ash in the air, aviation is affected. That could be a few
> days ... or a few years.

Moreover, the ash will get evenly distributed throughout the northern
hemisphere, so if the outbreak continues, it'll be goodbye air travel
for a while.