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Many Westerners still view Vietnam through the lens of war, but it is,
in reality, a country of captivating natural beauty and tranquility,
bustling and safe cities, serene villages, exquisite hotels for all
tastes, and delectable food. Over three decades have now passed since
Vietnam was officially reunited, and in that time, a remarkable
healing process has taken place. Today, the gracious people of this
country provide an outstanding travel experience where visitors from
all nations are welcomed, and where the excitement and charm of this
extraordinary country provide a not-to-be-missed experience.

We, at Vietnam Alive Travel, are here to assist you in facilitating
that experience. For many years, we have served as experienced tour
guides, tour leaders and tour opperators for discriminating clients
from top travel companies (e.g., Abercrombie & Kent, Tracoa, Virtuoso
Members, Cox & Kings, Travel Indochina) and cruise lines (e.g.,
Seabourn, Silver Seas, Queen Victoria, P&O). We understand that
visitors to Vietnam require a local tour operator that genuinely cares
about helping them discover the authentic Vietnam in comfort and
safety, and at a fair price designed to meet your budgetary
requirements. We commit to our clients that we will do our utmost to
make your trip to Vietnam as personally rewarding as possible, and
will act as both your friends and as ambassadors for our country to
make you feel completely at home.

Vietnam Alive Travel is the premier private tour operator in Vietnam.
We offer customized travel services for individuals, families, groups
and businesses, including incentives, veteran and theme travel in
Vietnam and elsewhere in Indochina.