From: John L on
Yo Joe. I agree about 7 Springs with 1 exception. It is not a good
resort. It is an AWEsome resort. I think the hotel is kinda expensive
though. A few years back I checked on a 2-night stay there and the
cheapest room was over 200.00 per night, off season. I did not really
check thoroughly as it was a hastily planned trip.

But I cannot compare 7-S with WDW. That's like comparing Kennywood with
Cedar Point.

The Matterhorn Lounge is one of the best ski-resort lounges I have ever
been to. And that includes Killington. I also think Canaan Valley in
West Virginia has better skiing trails. Their longest is over a mile
long with 800-900 foot vertical drops.

I never saw anything about 7-S being named in Ski magazine's top 10
Mid-Atlantic Resorts though. I would absolutely agree with that. But
would you happen to know if that is for a ski-place or a resort/ski
place? In the last 10 years it seems like 7-S has been concentrating on
more of the 'Resort' aspect rather than a ski place though. Hidden
Valley so-so and there is another ski area just north-east of 7-S. Can't
remember that one's name. Laurel Mountain something-or-other.

Yep, 7 Springs is a fantastic place. Winter, spring, summer, fall. Lots
to do in any season. And don't forget about the Alpine Slide. Rad,
totally rad.

peace out. john

Yo Keane. How's dem paras m'man? :-)