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> ... Greetings Latin American travel forum.
> ...
> ... This is my situation. I am looking for insights and accurate
> ... information. I have been in Brazil during 2010 for 4 and 1/2 months,
> ... having been granted a three month extension at Federal Police in GIG
> ... Airport in Rio (this didn't mean they gave me a full 180 days with 90
> ... to be tacked on at the end of when the first 90 days visa would have
> ... expired, although I wish it could have been). Anyway at three months,
> ... I got engaged to my Brazilian boyfriend, the love of my life. Then I
> ... went back to the states, in my benefit, as I learned in order to get
> ... us married in Brazil, I will need to take certain documents of mine
> ... (birth certificate and divorce sentences (decrees) to be legalized at
> ... the Brazilian Consulate, (which in my case, is in Chicago) in order to
> ... apply for the Intent and License to Marry over in Brazil. Does anyone
> ... know if there are any additional things, such as a non-criminal
> ... history record (I know how to get this at a police station where I
> ... live) Are all of these items and any others? to be translated in
> ... Brazil? Or do I get them translated before I send them to be legalized
> ... at the BR Consulate in Chicago, USA? I am a bit unclear as to where to
> ... Notarize them, but before sending copies to the BR Consulate in
> ... Chicago I would get the copies notarized and send money order or bank
> ... check? $20 fee for each-so far this is the instructions I have per BR
> ... Consluate webpage and US Embassy Brasilia).
> ...
> ... This is the second question related to my situation. Now that I was
> ... told by calling and asking the Consulate in Miami (the only one that I
> ... got through and numerous emails remain unanswered, btw) that I must
> ... follow the rules of the Tourist five year multiple entry 90 days Visa
> ... which I have in my passport. I will return toward the end of this year
> ... and therefore, not oversay a total of 180 days; then we get married
> ... around New Year's or, as soon as all the Intent to Marry (30 days wait
> ... time for this to be posted is case someone objects) and Marriage
> ... License is granted, and go to get these done at the Cartario
> You mean Cart�rio, don't you? Are you learning Portuguese?
> in Rio,
> ... pay a couple hundred R$ in fees, and have my documents translated
> ... properly (if I am correct, they get translated in Brazil). Q. Will
> ... there be a problem if my passport with the five year BR Visa, expires
> ... in April of 2011. (I would want to renew it at the US Embassy with my
> ... new married name, if at all possible)???
> Changing name is optional.
> Does anyone know if it is
> ... just better to renew in the US, and also to avoid a problem, such as
> ... they don't let you travel if your passport expires in less than 6
> ... months?)? Would the change of name and marriage status affect a new
> ... passport?
> Just to be on the safe side, don't change your name. You can do it later.
> ... FYI, We plan to live in Rio, and worry about his US visa when day
> ... comes.
> ...
> ... Please if anyone in this forum can contribute helpful information, I
> ... would appreciate it.
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> It sounds much better in French, but then, everything does.