From: Giovanni Drogo on
If anybody occurs to pass by Chiavenna coming down into Italy from St.
Moritz via Maloja pass, or from the Splugen pass, I definitely advice to
visit this building (I was there last Saturday with a special guided

It is a 3-storey family house dating back to about 1550, with frescoes
and boiseries, excellently preserved and a nice garden, orchard and

It was built by a wealthy merchant family of nearby Piuro, a small town
which was totally destroyed by a landslide in 1618. One of the
curiosities is a couple of 17th century paintings, which are a
posteriori reconstructions of Piuro before and after the landslide.

Also nearby Chiavenna is interesting, due to its position on the fork of
the ancient roads to the two passes, it looks more a city than a mere 8
thousand inhabitant town. Lot of houses with door sides carved in the
local "pietra ollare" (a kind of steatite which is used to make pots or
to cook barbecues ... find a "crotto" to have a meal).

There is also an interesting baptismal font dating to the 11th century.

Some km south of Chiavenna in the plain, on the coast of the little lake
of Mezzola (which in the past was the northern tip of lake Como) there
is an even more ancient (year 964) tiny church called S.Fedelino (-ino
because of its limited size, built on the place were the martyr S.Fedele
was buried). It can be reached with an about 2 hour walk from the nearby
villages (we started from Casenda), or crossing the river with a little

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