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>> Did the bomb go off? Was anyone injured or killed? Was he not
>> immediately pin pointed and captured? Just like the Undi Bomber.The
>> FBI and the NY police dept did an excellent job. Civilians sensing
>> potential danger is our best defense.
> So far the Taliban has not been successful in internationalizing
> their activities, this attack is one more example. The
> nature of the various Taliban groups and Al Qaeda is also not clear.
> One major area of conflict is that Al Qaeda is Arab and that clashes
> with both the Afghans and Pakistanis.
> Next FBI surveillance of various people is not non-stop, there are
> too may of them to other than focus on a few. They carry out
> interviews (I was interview once by them concerning a friend
> (remote) who had applied for a government position. If any
> bells an whistles sound off they go further in vetting.
> I should imagine that the visits of American resident Pakistanis
> back to Pakistan is monitored to some extent to see if the traffic
> is unusual. People will travel back to see their families.
> Shahzad appears to have had exceptional behavior, obtaining
> his citizenship then taking off for months and his house
> being foreclosed on because he stopped paying. It seems obvious
> that this kind of input is not sufficiently monitored. For
> instance the 9/11 terrorist teams were pretty careful most not to
> behave in an unusual fashion except with their flight school
> behaviors. Nobody was cross examining in those days, maybe
> they still are not. So there is work to be done.
> Judging from the blocking of terrorist activity (so far) in France
> the authorities apparently are killing various projects in the egg.
> We have had no incidents in 15 years, which is exceptional
> when one considers that prior to that time and during to totality
> of our various stays in France (since 1967) terrorist bombings
> were regular, perhaps 50 such incidents from 1967-1996 and nothing
> after.
> I think it is claimed that the US has tried and convicted some 400 for
> for terrorists acts in recent years. So a few will still happened,
> hopefully they will remain keystone terrorists who their candidates
> from groupies like Shahzad.