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> Comment by those who are neither Jewish nor Muslim would seem at best to
> be irrelevant and at worst to unhelpful.
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The Turkish bath is derived from the Roman Bath and has survived both
Christianity and Islam in Asia Minor. It has, as far as I can see, little
or nothing to do with Judaism.

The York Hall baths are not specifically for Muslim, or Jewish, people so I
see no reason at all why comment should be restricted to those of these two


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> Tower hamlets has mostly Bengali Muslim residents, <snip>

That is (1) incorrect and (2) sounds exactly like something the Daily Mail
would write.
Over half of Tower Hamlets' population is from non-White British ethnic
groups. A third is Bangladeshi, of whom half is under 20 years old. Sixty
per cent of the White British population is over 30.

At the time of the 2001 census 58% of the population in Tower Hamlets
belonged to an ethnic group other than White British. A third or 33% of the
population were Bangladeshi, 7% came from African/Caribbean backgrounds and
the total White British population was 42%.