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D Ball wrote:
>> We have never paid more than $130.00, each for travel insurance. Call
>> you auto agent. What would possess anyone to call for an insurance
>> price beyond your auto/home homewner insurance? Pre-existing
>> condition??? Just call you agent and find out for yourself. Geeeez...
> Frank, it's great you are satisifed with your AAA insurance coverages.
> Note that insurance is regulated by state, so what you get from AAA
> wherever you live may not be what another US reader gets in his/her
> state. For example, AAA is not known to be price-competitve on
> personal lines in Texas, and also, they don't write their own travel
> coverage here; instead, they extend plans with partner Access America.
> In fact, I don't know of any auto or home insurers that write travel
> insurance in Texas, so we can't do as you suggest and simply call
> Chubb, State Farm, Allstate, etc. Based on the lines I see every time
> I price out a trip policy at squaremouth or insuremytrip, I don't
> really think it is the norm for personal lines carriers to write
> travel.

Very interesting that AAA, at least in Texas, uses Access America. We
used to use Access America for all our cruises and were happy with them.
One time we had to cancel a cruise before final payment and transfered
our insuance to a diffeent cruise. No problem as long as you use it
within a year, but we later found out that by transfering our insurance
to a different cruise we lost our pre-existing coverage.

We later found that using TraveLite by Travelex allows us to change
cruises(before final payment) and not lose our pre-existing coverage. I
just check our policy for our 7 day Oasis cruise this coming Oct. and
see that we paid $184 TOTAL for the two of us.

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