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Thank you, Spiro.

Sadly, most of us here can remember this phrase. Sadly, less than
half of this country can. Sadly, even less than half have even heard
it. Sadly, even fewer of those will know to whom I refer to in the
start of this reply. Sadly, few of those know who his boss was.
Sadly, even less know why these two men are so significant in our

>Hi Everyone,
>Some, but fortunately not most, on this news group want to be
>nattering nabobs of negativity. Fortunately the real world of
>cruising does not agree. As an example, Oceania Cruises floated out
>its first newbuild, Marina, at Fincantieri�s Sestri Ponente shipyard
>this morning then surprised attendees by also cutting steel for a
>second ship. The newbuild, Riviera, is planned for April 2012
>delivery. This is a very exciting time for all of us that believe in
>the cruise industry.

- dillon I am not invalid

You know, I can't think of nothing finer than a fine
naked woman holding a gun. And you got all kinds of
fine going on.

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