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Donna Evleth wrote:
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> > Donna Evleth wrote:
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> >>>> My French is not perfect, I have an accent because I was 30 years old when
> >>>> I
> >>>> learned the language, and at that age, you just don't lose the accent. Do
> >>>> I
> >>>> get grief? NO. In fact, I have had people tell me my accent is charming.
> >>>> You are not correct, Bill, so do try to get past the stereotype you have in
> >>>> your head. But then again, I'm not sure you can. You love it too much.
> >>>>
> >>> I pointed to attacks on me if I were to write here in French as a
> >>> perfect example. The fact that you are perfect enough to pass the
> >>> Frenchy tests proves nothing in regards to others who aren't so
> >>> great.
> >>
> >> But you don't write here in French, so what's your point?
> >>
> > I'm saying, if I were to write in French here. See, that's the
> > point.
> But since very few of us here ever write in French, or if they do, not more
> than a word or two, there is no point to see.
I think that Earl regularly writes here in French and certainly
posts articles here in French. Since he doesn't attribute some of
the things that he posts but doesn't write, it's sometimes hard to
tell which is which. But the point was that I was told to post in
French so that I could be attacked for my supposedly poor French
language capabilities. That seems to substantiate the claimed
"stereotype" that the French don't easily accept French usage from
those not well schooled in it.

"Gonna take a sedimental journey", what Old Man River actually
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"John Rennie" <john-rennie(a)> wrote:

> *plonk*

The internet has some weird people, John. A fair number of toxics.

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> Pardon me??? They "often" do?? When do they not have a right
> to resist?


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> They "always do not have a right to resist"???

Twisted PV logic. You have the right to resist,
but exercise is wisely and not foolishly. The
last word is added for you.

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> Yet it so aptly describes your lack of communication skills. I'm
> afraid you've earned a failing grade in this course, Earl.

I am not registered in any course. I don't need to be.