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>>>You don't think performers think about such things? (We're
>>>talking the pre-computerized late 1950's, 1960's, when info
>>>on theater marquees was still hand-set, using a finite
>>>number of letter sizes.) Quite a few "stage names" were
>>>created with that precept in mind - i.e. "the bigger the
>>>better" - not just opera singers'.
>> One wonders why Arnold Dorsey chose the professional name
>> "Englebert Humperdinck", especially since the name was already
>> sort of famous.
>You answered your own question, I think! ;-)

I don't think so. The name *wasn't* famous among those who buy
pop music.

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>The people we met are Germany were not "unfriendly" to us in any way.
>We just get a kick out of when my husband would smile and say good
>morning to someone we encountered while walking down a street, they
>were rarely respond in any way. Not like in Ireland, where you would
>get a large friendly response.

Next time, he should try, "Guten Morgen," or "Gr�� Gott."