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Mike wrote:
> On Sat, 17 Apr 2010 22:25:26 +0100, d4g4h4(a) (David Horne,
> _the_ chancellor (*)) wrote:
>>> The world may discover that a lot of things really don't absolutely have to be
>>> transported by air.
>> A lot of things don't absolutely have to be transported at all. Indeed,
>> none of us absolutely have to travel at all. None of us absolutely have
>> to post to usenet groups either. Any other fascinating nuggets of wisdom
>> while you're channelling?
> ships are a good alternative to flying,

Let we know how to book one going to India some time will you.

I actually looked last year and in theory you can book a berth on a
container ship, but you can't find anyone who can book one for you...

William Black

"Any number under six"

The answer given by Englishman Richard Peeke when asked by the Duke of
Medina Sidonia how many Spanish sword and buckler men he could beat
single handed with a quarterstaff.
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William Black <> wrote:

> Let we know how to book one going to India some time will you.

When I was in Delhi, I remember talking to someone who had attended
school in England in the 30s and would return to India once a year by
boat. He said it took 6 weeks each way, so he just counted it as part of
the 'holiday.' Not quite practical for a 2 week, even 4 week trip
though. :)

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On 17 Apr, 00:28, Mxsmanic <mxsma...(a)> wrote:
> William Black writes:
> > It's called 'the continent'.
> To people on the Continent, an island is not the mainland.

19th. century headline:

"Fog in Channel, Continent cut off"
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Wolfgang Schwanke wrote:
> "EvelynVogtGamble(Divamanque)" <evgmsop(a)>
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>> And if you were a pilot or flight attendant, which philosophy would YOU
>> prefer your employers to adopt?
> Actually I'm a hobby pilot, and VFR planes are _not_ grounded here.
> Small airplanes, gliders and hot air ballons are the only aircraft in
> the air right now, plus the weather is gorgeous, it must be a joy to
> fly right now. Unfortunately I didn't get to fly due to technical
> problems :(

We have a few light planes flying round here right now, but not very
many considering the fine weather and the complete absence of commercial

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Hatunen wrote:
> On Sat, 17 Apr 2010 11:26:55 -0700 (PDT), aquachimp
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>> On Apr 17, 12:14 pm, Martin <m...(a)address.invalid> wrote:
>>> On Fri, 16 Apr 2010 22:27:31 +0200, Wolfgang Schwanke <s...(a)sig.nature> wrote:
>>>> "EvelynVogtGamble(Divamanque)" <evgm...(a)>
>>>> wrote innews:hq81gq04tv(a)
>>>>> Interesting that the news story mentions the effects of an
>>>>> 1821 eruption lasting for two years - that was before jet aircraft. How
>>>>> might a similar situation affect worldwide air travel, now?
>>>> That was probably about the climatic effect. It's unlikely that
>>>> aviation will be affected longer than a couple of days.
>>> It is already longer than a couple of days :o)
>>> --
>>> Martin
>> & what my wife wants to know is "how will Obama go to Poland for the
>> funeral?"
> He didn't.

The other question being - if he did fly to Poland, what would they do
if he couldn't fly back?

BTW is anyone keeping track of which famous personalities are currently
stranded in places they shouldn't be? Germany's PM Angela Merkel had her
flight back from California diverted to Lisbon, from there she then flew
to Rome and it seems they're planning to get her back to Berlin by road.