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> ... IIRC Gaston has passed on to doggie heaven...
> Oh damn, I missed the announcement!
> Sorry.

It occur years ago and I have not posted much of

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John Rennie writes:

> Or a person who wants to avoid getting fat - much more common
> than being diabetic.

Getting fat is purely a matter of consuming more calories than one burns.
Where those calories come from is irrelevant.
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John Rennie writes:

> When you're 75 or so you tend not to keep moving that much except,
> of course, for the brisk short walks which I keep promising
> myself to do any day now

When you are 75, you cannot afford _not_ to keep moving. You can be sedentary
when you are young without much lasting effect on your health, but being
sedentary when you are old just speeds you towards the grave. The more active
you are, the more active you can be. The less active you are, the less
activity you'll be able to tolerate.
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James Silverton writes:

> You can get low-fat, high-fiber, low-carb tortillas from "La Tortilla
> Factory" of California. They seem to have national distribution even if
> their taste is nothing special.

All tortillas are low in fat unless fat is specifically added to them.
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Donna Evleth writes:

> The fat must be what replaces the taste. I find flour tortillas bland and
> uninteresting.

Fat is responsible for most of the taste of a great many foods. For example,
meat from different animals tastes different because of differences in the
composition of the fat that goes with the meat. The leaner the meat, the less
distinctive (and intense) the taste.